Report on the 2011 RTO/ERO  Health Conference June 12-13, Toronto

As in previous conferences this year’s began with an impressive health orientated presentation. The topic was diabetes and  the many health problems associated with the disease.  Avoiding high risk lifestyles was emphasized with information provided on new treatments. Another presentation was made as part of the wrap up to the conference on June 13th. This time the topic was osteoporosis and suggestions were made re: avoidance.  

Additional topics were covered. One such bit of information included a sheet of suggestions regarding help for our most senior members. If possible it is recommended that a power of attorney be registered with Johnson Inc. For help in doing this please feel free to ask your Health Rep. If no power of attorney can be registered then a Health Rep may be of some assistance for the senior member if that member requests information from Johnson Inc. Keeping in mind that privacy and confidentially laws apply then certain procedures will have to be followed. Inquiries regarding a specific claim or personal information can only be communicated to the member. Hence the importance of a power of attorney or  written authorization for a  trusted friend or family member to receive that information.

A Travel Insurance Update was provided on the “stability clause” contained in the Travel Booklet.

“This insurance is intended to cover you for a sudden and unforeseen medical emergency.
*A physician’s consent to travel does not establish your medical stability or override the definition of sudden and unforeseen
Your medical emergency is not sudden and unforeseen in the following circumstances:

a) Any cancer, heart, or lung condition for which in 90 days prior to your date of : departure, initial booking or any payment (under trip cancellation, payments made when your condition was stable will be considered for reimbursement)

(1) You were awaiting or have received the outcome of medical tests (except routine monitoring), the results which show irregularities or abnormalities
(2) You require future investigation of your medical condition, consultation with a physician or treatment or surgery recommended by your physician or planned before your trip.

b) Any condition for which you were admitted to a hospital for a period of at least 24 hours in the 90 days prior to the date of: departure, initial booking, any payment
c) Any condition for which you have been advised by a physician not to travel
Reminders: Both partners should have proof of departure.
A change in medication doesn’t normally change the stability clause but to be on the safe side, if you are concerned , call Mondial to receive assurance.

The Health Services and Insurance Committee of RTO will provide a most cost effective, high quality and competitive Group Health Insurance Plan that meets the needs of the majority of the membership”.
Each year suggestions are made (by our members) for additional coverages in our Plan. Those selected will appear in next year’s Plan.

Larry Hunt - Interior Unit                                                    Audrey Neumann - LMSC