Health Report

Another Health Reports has arrived and I have prepared a summary of some of the articles you will find in this April/2012 edition. Instructions to read this edition on-line are again provided at the end of the Report.

A detailed description is provided for Macular Degeneration as to the stages involved for the Dry Form and the usual gradation into the Wet Form. Risk factors are discussed along with eye injection therapy, possible effectiveness of certain vitamins and also photodynamic therapy. The article concludes with the sensible recommendation to have regular visits with your ophthalmologist/optometrist. Also, there is hope with ongoing research.

A friendly reminder that Provincial Health Insurance provides limited coverage for medical treatment and hospital costs outside of Canada. They also will NOT pay more than the service would have cost in your province of residence. The RTO/ERO Extended Health Care Plan automatically includes Out of Province/Canada travel coverage for any trips up to 62 days in duration. (The Supplemental Travel Plan is available for longer trips).The RTO Plan includes the following Canadian Government travel protection recommendations:

1. Access to 24 hr. hotline with multi-lingual staff (incl. Dr.’s and Nurses)

2. Covers Emergency medical expenses (incl. hospital, physicians and drugs)

3. Provides up front and direct payments so you’re not out of pocket.

4. Covers emergency transportation (eg. Ambulance)

5. Provides for Medical Evacuation to Canada (or the nearest location with appropriate medical care)

6. Pays for a medical escort during your evacuation, (Dr. or nurse)
REMINDER!!!   Name Change for Mondial


1-800-249-6556 (from Canada and the US)

More info??? www.allianz-assistance.ca/content/42/en/new-brand-info

The following questions/answers will clear up some misinterpretations of OUR Health Plans.

1. Define “Extended Family” in the Trip  cancellation/interruption clause. Ans. Extended Family Member includes    spouse,child (incl. step-child, foster child, and adapted child), guardian, step parent, grandparent, grandchild, parent-in-l aw, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece, brother-in-law, or sister-in-law.

2. What is a “Medical Emergency”??? Ans. An emergency service rendered to you for the sudden and unforeseen onset of a medical condition which if left untreated could

                                a) permanently place your health in jeopardy

                                b) result in serious impairment of bodily functions

                                c) result in serious impairment and dysfunction of any bodily organ

                                d) result in other serious medical consequences.

3. I am currently covered under the School Board Retiree Plan for my benefits. How do I apply for the RTO Group Benefits Program??? When will coverage begin??? Ans.Your RTO coverage will begin the day after your previous coverage (which could have been your spousal coverage or another Insurance Plan) provided you apply within 60 days of its termination. Premiums and coverage will be back-dated to when you apply during the 60 day period. Hence no gap in your protection!!!

Other items covered in this edition of Health Matters include: Food Safety for People with Weakened Immune Systems: Safety Information re: the ARM and HAMMER Spinbrush Powered Toothbrush-For more info call the Company at 1-800-561-0752: Recall of One Lot of Rexall Extra Strength Sinus Relief Daytime and Nighttime Caplets-the Lot Number affected is 00058398B. Apparently the text on the back has identified the daytime as nighttime capsules and vice versa. Misuse is possible.

To read the entire Health Matters: go to ero-rto.org. Click on English. Click on Members Centre and provide proper information. If not registered, follow the instructions. Enter members centre and click on Publications and on the right hand side click on Health Matters for the publication date you would like to view.

Larry Hunt (larry_hunt@telus.net)