June 2012 Health Report

"A Healthy Plan for a Healthy You" was the title of the District/Unit Health Representatives Workshop in Toronto June 10/11th 2012.
Larry Hunt, from the Interior Unit and I were in attendance.
Of special interest were the following:

  1. A very interesting presentation by guest speaker Dr. Elaine Dembe, based on her book entitled "Passionate Longevity: The 10 Secrets to Growing Younger". The main topic was "The Illness to Wellness Journey" and the need to make positive life changes; to continue to try new patterns in life both physically and emotionally.

  2. Our Out of Province/Canada travel plan services provider has been renamed Allianz Global Assistance. www.allianz-asssistance .com. This change was made so that the name reflects the title used by the company worldwide.

  3. Lori-MacDonald Blundon and a team from Allianz Global Assistance provided information on Travel Myths and what members should do before they travel. The team expanded on who Allianz Global Assistance is and what they do. This information may be found on Pg. 1 and throughout your copy of Out of Province/Canada Travel Booklet. The hot topic was proof of departure and the importance to always include 3 criteria:
    a) Identifies you(shows your name or/and signature)
    b) Specific date
    c) Indicate that the transaction took place in your province of residence. Each person travelling must obtain their own proof of departure.

  4. Round Table discussion Groups
    Notes from these discussions will be sent to us to share at a later date.

  5. The final session involved a presentation by Tanya Hogan, Director, Health Solutions and Pharmacy Projects for Shoppers Drug Mart. This presentation represented a unique relationship between R.T.O/E.R.O. and Shoppers Drug Mart. In the latest Renaissance Magazine -Summer 2012, pg 5 there is an article on this but we are awaiting further clarification as it applies to B.C.

In closing I recommend viewing a brief video available on YouTube by the name of "23 and a half hours-What is the single best thing we can do for our health?"
Audrey Neumann.