Health rep’s Linda Coppin (42-2) and Pat Solomon (42-1) attended the June 7-8 DHR workshop in Toronto. The keynote speaker for the evening of June 7 was Dr. Sharon Strauss, who heads up the geriatric department at St. Michael’s Hospital. She is not only a published researcher, she sees people face-to-face at St. Mike’s.
Statistics show that Canada has only ½ a geriatrician for every 10,000 Canadians over 65.  Saying that the RTO Chair in Geriatrics is unique, she told us that, “It is the only chair to promote research focused on enhancing wellness of older adults and to emphasize interdisciplinary education and collaboration, which are the cornerstones of our work as geriatricians.” So we should be proud of our donation and keep our RTO/ERO Foundation in mind in our charitable giving.
Good news is that the U of T med school is now requiring students to take a mandatory rotation in geriatrics.
There were presentations from the Ontario Society of Chiropodists and the Alzheimer Society. The latter concerned a Toronto initiative called the iPod project, which was described in the Winter 2014 Renaissance. It concerns providing patients with iPods containing their favourite music and music from their past, which has been shown to be of help to Alzheimer patients.
We were provided with a comparison chart comparing our RTO insurance with that provided by the Ontario Teachers’ Insurance Plan (OTIP) and the Municipal Retirees of Ontario Organization (MROO). This chart is available on the RTO/ERO web site.
Still prominent in the question and answer session is the issue of stability in pre-existing health conditions when planning travel. Only “sudden and unforeseen” incidents are covered. Your doctor’s say-so is not sufficient. Contact Johnson or Allianz before leaving your province or the country if you have health concerns. Be sure to read the Out-of-Province/Out-of-Canada booklet carefully.