The Interior Unit met at the Turtle Bay Pub in Winfield on April 14th. A social time preceded lunch and the  business  portion  of the meeting . There was lots of conversation and everyone enjoyed getting caught up on where  others went or how the skiing was etc., as this was the first Unit meeting since the Christmas Luncheon which took place in early December.

  President Walt called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone and asked newcomers to introduce themselves and tell where they taught in Ontario and where they are living here in B.C. Several took the opportunity to introduce their spouse and they also told everyone how much they are enjoying living in B.C.

  Larry Hunt brought everyone up to date on the District 42 AGM that will be held at the Penticton Lakeside Resort on September 8th and 9th. Special Guests attending the AGM include RTO President, Joan Murphy; Executive Director Harold Brathwaite; and Johnson Inc. Consultant to RTO, Lori MacDonald-Blundon.  The Annual Penticton Jazz Festival begins on September 9th and RTO Members who are Jazz fans should book their accommodations early if they plan to stay in Penticton following our AGM.  Special rates are being offered to RTO Members, but they must be booked early as the Resort can only guarantee the special rate for reservations made early in July. Registration for the AGM and  full information will be printed in our District 42 “Western Connection Newsletter” which members will receive early in June.

  President Walt updated those present with news from the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, including the fact that 1.5 teachers are presently teaching for every person who is receiving a Pension from OTPP.

The Plan earned 14.3% in 2010, but there is still a shortfall which has to be resolved through discussions between the Province of Ontario and the Ontario Teachers Federation before 2012. Further information can be found on the following website:  www.otpp.com

  For the last several years the Interior Unit has donated a Good News Bear to CHBC TV. During the month of December each year, CHBC display each bear donated during the evening News and provide some publicity about each donor group. All bears are dressed in an outfit that connects to the sponsoring group. The District 42 Bear has been named “Trillium Nobell” for obvious reasons and he/she has been dressed as a traveller, sportsperson,  quilter etc., since retirees have the time to relax and enjoy life. Our Unit has welcomed Mike Roberts, the station’s weatherman, to attend our Christmas Luncheon and he is presented with Trillium and the presentation is shown that evening on the News and Mike always gives our RTO a special mention.

  Viewers able are asked to send a cheque made out to their favourite Food Bank located in the viewing area and the station photocopies each donation and places all copies in a drum where pages are drawn out just before Christmas and winners are presented with a bear. This past year $169,400.00 was donated to the numerous Food Banks in the coverage area. The Unit agreed to support the purchase of a Bear again this year and donations were offered by many of those present.

  The Interior Unit Health Rep., Larry Hunt conducted an information session about the RTO Health Plans and entertained questions or comments about our plan. He reminded everyone to drop him an email if they have suggestions or comments about the Plans as he will be attending the RTO Health Plan Workshop in Toronto later this Spring.

  Walt mentioned that RTO Membership is available for teachers who retired from other provinces, as well as people who worked as educational support staff plus  faculty from Colleges and Universities.

  The Interior Unit election of officers for 2011-12 was conducted and all those who served in 2010-11 were acclaimed and agreed to continue their positions for the next year.

  The Meeting was adjourned at 2:20 P.M.

  Prepared by Walt Duncan from minutes prepared by Linda Coppin, Secretary.