over 25The Over 25'ers

On May 28th, under the leadership of our Goodwill Rep., Wendy Gosselin, two of our newest members of the over 25 group (more than 25 years in RTO) in District 42/Interior Unit, were treated to a tea and dessert at the Hooded Merganser restaurant in Penticton. In addition to the refreshments, some fond memories were enjoyed by all. Those receiving our accolades were Helen Abrahamse of Vernon and James Towgood of Summerland.

L to R: Helen Abrahamse, Karen Anton, James Towgood,
Miriam Hunt, Larry Hunt and Wendy Gosselin

Helen Abrahamse:  Spent her early years in Holland and eventually married Jake, a draftsman who worked in marine engineering for HAL (Holland America Lines). They moved to Toronto where Jake was employed at Avro Aircraft. When the Arrow was cancelled, Jake, along with thousands of other employees had to find other work which in Jake’s case meant teaching drafting in Ingersoll Ontario. Jake’s teaching career in Ingersoll spanned the years from 1965 to1988.  During this time they took a break and spent three years with CIDA* in St. Lucia. They also raised two daughters. Meantime Helen obtained her degree in English from the University of Western Ontario. She also managed to paticipate in competitive  swimming in Ingersoll. She was involved with this sport for 23 years. Sadly Jake passed on and Helen headed west to the community of Vernon, where she has remained active for many years in skiing, pickleball and various volunteer duties. And we all know Helen as an active Associate Member of RTO/District 42-Interior Unit.  She continues to attend our many functions.  Thank you Helen for your many years of loyalty to our group.
James Towgood:  James has managed to retire in the community where he was born.  His education includes degrees from UBC and Western (Ontario) in Biology. His teaching locations include, Fort St. John for four years and Nairobi for five years (with CIDA*).  James then returned to Kingston,  Ontario,  where he taught from 1988 to 1999. As his career to this point suggests, James was one teacher who enjoyed adventure and excitement and as such, his time in Kingston found him heavily involved in extracurricular activities at his school (Including sailing!!!). Congratulations on your successful career James and welcome to the over 25’ers.  

CIDA*-Canadian International Development Agency